What is an Aging Life Care™ Manager?

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I’m always a little unsure how to provide a meaningful answer when we are asked, “What does an Aging Life™ Care Manager do?”.  To many, our responsibilities seem straight-forward. To others, they may scratch their head and try to imagine how we might be able to help a loved-one better than family.  Families don’t necessarily contact us when the problem is straight-forward, we are contacted as experts who can accomplish so much more in less time.

We are care consultants (RNs, Certified Care Managers, Certified Dementia Practitioners, etc.) with a responsibility for helping the most vulnerable. Care Management can be similarly described as ‘case management’.  However, Care Managers are typically involved in helping adult children help their aging parent(s).  We also support solo agers who may not have enough or any family support.

Listen to the video.  Do you still have questions?  Please contact us at 571-488-9396 or email us [email protected].