Solo Agers: Who will advocate for me?

A happy old lady with white hairs

Many baby boomers had fewer children or no children.

No other time in the history of our population have there been so many solo-agers. About 17% of those born from 1945-1964 are struggling to get qualified support and a safety net in order to maintain quality of life.

So, what if you had a surrogate daughter who specialized in healthcare advocacy and crisis response for older adults?  What if they had a knowledgeable relationship of your needs so that you could live your best life under your terms? Caring Considerations Aging Life Care Managers® can help.

Our services:

  • Be there for you 24/7—just like family
  • Discuss options for housing and care. Make a plan.
  • Document important information in a secure health care record
  • Coordinate resources and help create a team
  • Potentially become your legal healthcare agent with medical power of attorney

Our Goals

  • Help you remain in control and independent
  • Safety and well-being

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