Five Things an Aging Life Care™ Professional Did Today – The last one may surprise you!

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5 Things an Aging Life Care™ Professional Did Today – The last one may surprise you!

You asked your attorney, “How do families cope with all they have to know about taking care of an aging parent?  When do they find the time and how do they know they’re making the best decisions?” That’s when your attorney gave you our number and after a brief conversation you recognized this was the help you had been looking for.

Here’s what an Aging Life Care Professional (aka Geriatric Care Manager) did for you:
1. Listened. She* listened to your concerns and began to assess your short-term and long-term needs with regard to caring for a parent.  She heard that your loved-one wants to age-in-place, but the house, the finances and her ability to care for herself has diminished.
2. She asked questions about important aspects of your life and the life of an aging loved one. How has quality of life diminished? What worries you the most?  What happens when you talk about your concerns? What motivates your loved-one? Who has Power of Attorney? What is the medical history? What is the financial picture? etc.
3.  Created a Mutually Agreeable Plan of Care. The Aging Life Care Professional (aka Geriatric Care Manager) assessed the risks and needs and created a dynamic plan of care to solve problems and monitor outcomes. She helped you select a home care company.  She did a home safety evaluation and coordinated changes. She tracked appointments and made sure pill boxes were filled correctly. She advised you on senior living communities if desired. She made sure your loved one had purposeful and enjoyable things to do each day.
4.  Gathered Information and Created an Emergency File of Life. She put all the pieces of information together such as Doctors, Medications, Medical History, Do Not Resituate (DNR) order, Family contacts, Legal contacts and other documents and told you that she would be there for you and your loved-one 24/7 when they go to the Dr. or if they go to the hospital unexpectedly.  She was there when you went on vacation so you could enjoy a break.
5. She Became the Neutral Party which could help you and your loved-one meet common goals. And most importantly, she helped you be the Daughter instead of a harried, short-tempered caregiver.
* Or He
Author: Heidi L. Garvis, CSA® (Certified Senior Advisor), Aging Life Care™ Consultant