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"Heidi Garvis is smart, informed, compassionate and exceptionally experienced. I highly recommend her services to anyone facing the tough decisions and long learning curve of finding a good place for elderly parents. What I learned from Heidi was invaluable. I highly recommend Heidi Garvis and her partner." Gail F.

Our Care Managers give seminars on several topics of interest to older adults, adult children and professionals.

 Contact to schedule a seminar on one of the topics below:

Seminar Title: Aging in Place Strategies (1 hour)

Determine what will help you remain in control and be independent as an older adult or a caregiver! Learn about home care, housing modifications, emergency planning and more. Plan for the future or find solutions to your current situation.

Seminar Title: Senior Housing and Care Options (1 hour)

During this discussion, Senior Housing and Care Consultant, Heidi L. Garvis will be presenting options for housing and care such as retirement communities and assisted living.  Perhaps you are a caregiver and need to know more or perhaps you are an older adult who has delayed making a plan for transition. This presentation will help!

Seminar Title: Aging Life Care Planning: Guide to Senior Housing, Aging in Place, Care Options (1.5 hours)

This combination of topics will help you determine what will help you remain in control and be independent! Plan for the future or find comprehensive solutions to your current situation.

Seminar Title: What You Should Know if Your Parents Are Over 70 (1 hour only)

How should I handle it when my parent(s) don’t want to talk about aging?

What happens when you worry about dementia and the safety of aging parents?

My Mother’s home is not safe or near me but she doesn’t want to move.  What can I do?

My siblings and I do not agree on what should happen with Mom.  How can we reach a consensus?

  • What are the only 3 options you have for housing and care?
  • Senior housing options, associated costs
  • Community and Entitlement services
  • Creating a safe and accessible home environment.
  • Learning about home care, associated costs.
  • Tips for getting a sibling consensus.