CareTree care management and coordination software will fulfill your desire to remain knowledgeable about your loved-one’s care.  As our client, you have the ability to proactively review pertinent care information, appointments, activities, healthcare contacts, etc.  You may wish to receive notifications via text and/or email when a staff member documents a visit with your loved-one.

CareTree can answer questions such as,

1)      When did the care manager last see my Mother?

2)      What were the results of her recent Dr’s visit?

3)      What was the name of my Father’s Cardiologist and what’s his phone number?

4)      What medications does my Mother take?

CareTree is user-friendly, secure, HIPAA-compliant information. It is only accessible to our staff and designated family members.  There is a $10/mo charge for each individual CareTree portal.