How long did it take you to buy a home?


My realtor was fed up. It took me 9 months to decide on making an offer on a home. I don’t blame my realtor, but it’s a decision that was going to cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars!  I wanted to make sure I knew all the options and had all the information to make a sound decision.  Do you blame me? Thank goodness I had time and I am grateful for the time the realtor spent helping me.

Families caring for an older adult usually have much less than 9 mos. to find a new living situation. Sometimes there is a health crisis. Perhaps you only have few weeks or even a couple of days to find a good fit for independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing. Needless to say, the learning curve can feel like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. And the cost? Well, the average annual cost of assisted living is $94,050/yr in the DC Metro area.  Yep, in a few short years you can spend as much as it takes to buy a home in this area.  It’s an expensive and life-altering decision.

 So where’s this discussion going?

Do you have the time and expertise to make the best decision for a loved-one? How will you make that decision in a short amount of time?  

As Senior Housing and Care Consultants, Caring Considerations can complete a plan in a few hours. If you are going to do the senior housing and care search, it may take you weeks and you may feel uncertain during the entire process. When you are in the midst of the emotions, decisions and complexities, you may ask yourself, “Isn’t there a someone like a “realtor” to help navigate senior living and care options?”. The answer is yes!

A Senior Housing and Care Consultant or also known as an Aging Life Care Professional can help.

Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each care and housing option?

  • You have a budget, but what will it buy? What other financial resources are available?

  • What do I need to know about short-term issues AND long-term care someone might need?

  • What are the important questions to ask when looking for care and more importantly, what do the answers mean to you!

Heidi L. Garvis, CSA® (Certified Senior Advisor), Aging Life Care™ Consultant, Senior Housing and Care Consultant.

From October, 2015